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[edit] Episode 2 : Puzzle 1

Puzzle: Please help me...
Reference: Initial puzzle
Current Status: Solved
Source: Multiple (See below)

[edit] Summary

The following message, that appeared to be a cry-out for help, was posted on the London Craiglist and three other boards for online dicussion groups. There were also reports of a similar message being discovered in two french newspapers.

Date: 2008-08-01, 6:52PM BST

My dear Friend, I am desperate.

I can’t communicate freely, I know they listening. I am "Behind The Yellow Curtain". Use a Blowfish decoder. Research the uthark theory to find the 7-digits key.

I took the Airplane to Sydney. Find me, quick.

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Step 1 / Conclusion

This quote refers to how to solve the next puzzle. It was meant to direct the players to http://www.yellowcurtain.com, the first blog.

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