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[edit] Episode 2 : Puzzle 6

Puzzle: Elder Futhark 101
Reference: Puzzle no. 6
Current Status: Solved
Source: Website: http://www.polycystin.com

[edit] Summary

When the solutions to puzzle Puzzle 3, Puzzle 4 and Puzzle 5 were entered to unlock their pages the Futhark wheel on the main site changed the the following:

<Picture to be uploaded soon>

By clicking the center 'F' rune of the Futhark wheel the next puzzle was revealed by appearing in the left frame of the website:


Under the above image, a form was present with a text-field and an "unlock" button. The field was not pre-filled but limited to four character. Also, when moving the cursor over the image the rune picture changed:

Lastly, there was a hidden picture on the page. This was a transparent .gif where the content used the same background texture as the frame background. This made it near invisible to the eye. However, saving the image and viewing it on a different background, or opening it in a seperate window revealled the following:

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Notes

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[edit] Step 1

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[edit] Step 2

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[edit] Conclusion

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To be filled.
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