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[edit] Episode 3


Episode 3 was active between March 1st and april 1st, 2009. The background story started back with the Barbizon Group, a secret society which likely caused the disappearance - and presumed death - of Eleanora Plante, the main caharacter of Episode 2.

[edit] Clue
  • Episode 3 started with a morse code published on Yellow Curtain Blog.
  • Part of the plot was to deploy a technology called "DSG" by adding the following code to many website as possible.
<a href="http://www.noiz-analytics.com/" alt="Social Network Monitoring Brand Monitoring Brand Analytics">
<img src="http://www.qadhos.com/multimedia/monitoring.php" alt="Social Network Monitoring" border="0"></a>
  • The following pages were discovered

  • Along with the following pictures

  • The colours and elemental symbols from below plus deduction of the above images;

  • This enabled information being sent to Sons of Qadhos to stop the rite of Baphomet being carried out (or so it appeared)

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