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[edit] Character Profile

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[edit] Sasha Pickman Doyon

Name: Sasha Pickman Doyon (a.k.a "mum")
Current Status: Active
Last known location: Ontario, CA
Contact: @qadhos
yfrog images
Blog: Unknown
Language: English,

[edit] Background story

Sasha has a daughter named Solvej, who was kidnapped sometime in 2010. In January 2011, Sasha was contacted online by Entian, who allegedly had information pertaining to the whereabouts of Solvej. Entian sent an image of Solvej to Sasha, to add weight to this claim.
After the contact with Entian was first made she turned to the police and opened a case but the policemen she talked to have vanished.
Following information Entian provided, it led Sasha to an organisation called Noiz, and a conference in Toronto.

Quick Lunch!
Quick Lunch!

It is believed that Sahsa enjoys steak and fries.

(Background story is still under construction.)

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