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[edit] Character Profile

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[edit] Eleanor Carter

Name Eleanor Louise Carter aka Derva
Current Status: Unknown
Last known location: Dreamlands
Language: French

[edit] Background story
Eleanor Carter on Facebook
Eleanor Carter on Facebook

Eleanor L. Carter was the first to receive the very first puzzle that would lead to the Qadhos network. She later on received several omnious messages including a book that explained about the Dreamlands and how to travel there. To ease her own mind and her horrifying dreams in which she was always bound to protect a young woman, E.C. decides to take up the challenge to travel to the Dreamlands and takes a chemical poison that will put her in a comatose state.

It is later discovered that Bobby Rondeau sent her these messages and that his goal was to use Eleanor in order to locate Eschantra in the Dreamlands. Eleanor herself discovers to be the Dreamwalker Devra and begins a journey to recover her memory. However, as memories return Devra discovers that it was not her purpose to find and stop Eschantra, but instead to protect her from the foul Dreamwalker Lucian who in fact is Bobby Rondeau.

Now Devra only has little time to try and undo the events (initiated by Lucian) that are bound to lead to an Apocalypse.

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