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Episode 5 : Initial 1

Puzzle: TheLink
Reference: Initial Puzzle
Current Status: Solved
Source: Boston Art Club


A signature was left on the YellowCurtain site. The signature itself linked to a holding site that contained some morse code.

SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

Step 1

"Lake Winnipesaukee" by George F. Higgins
"Lake Winnipesaukee" by George F. Higgins

Drejl identified the signature as "George F. Higgins" from a painting called "Lake Winnipesaukee"

Step 2

Drejl also posted to unF; "So we have Sasha Pickman Doyon on twitter. Pickman > HP Lovecraft's Pickman's Model - 'The story revolves around a Bostonian painter named Richard Upton Pickman who creates horrifying images. His works are brilliantly executed, but so graphic that they result in his membership in the Boston Art Club being revoked and himself shunned by his fellow artists', which ties in the Boston Art Club."

Step 3

The Morse code was identified as being 20110305.

Step 4

While attempting to communicate with Sasha Pickman Doyon on the Mibbit #qadhos channel, Sasha (using the nickname 'Qadhos') asked "Where we liked to go fishing?" With no one answering then added "Looks like the #Qadhos channel is compromised. Where do you go fishing? If you know the answer, join me tonight." and then left the channel.

Snorkle then identified that it was Lake Winnipesaukee, from Step 1 above and sent a tweet to Sasha and was confirmed "a friend".

Step 5
iPad at Noiz
iPad at Noiz

Sasha had already informed via twitter that a company called Noiz was at a conference in Toronto - "I have a strong feeling Qadhos technology is behind this.. I need to investigate more." It was identified that Noiz was at Canada e-Connect 2011. More tweets from Sasha were recieved; "pretty strange platform. Cloud computing with more then 65 servers worldwide. I feel it could be a coverup?"; "I grabbed this (photo) before they kick me out. Any agent from Toronto can try access this data?"

Image from delegate at #cec2011
Image from delegate at #cec2011

After some feverish tweeting to the #cec2011 twitter tag by Inf.h5n1 a delegate was able to capture an image of the iPad which showed a date 2011-03-05 and Access Code 0911

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