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[edit] Episode 4 : TheMap

Puzzle: The Truth is... Hidden
Reference: Puzzle3 | Clue3
Puzzle1 | Clue1
CityID | City Corner
Current Status: Unknown

[edit] Summary

After receiving Beatrix third set of letters Episode4 Puzzle3 it was noted that faint lines could be seen across them as well as those letters received first Episode4 Puzzle1.
All six letters had the faint lines drawn on them.
A letter received from Eleanor Carter via the Datastore by way of Episode4 CityID puzzle had a partial traced symbol in the top right corner.
No final conclusion has been drawn so far. . .

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Step 1 / Conclusion

This image was sent to Bobby Rondeau by TexRipley, who responded;
"Thank you for that map, I would have completely miss it, this is the location"

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