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[edit] Episode 4 : Puzzle 6

Puzzle: Pray to the Saints
Reference: Clue6
Current Status: Solved
Source: Blog

[edit] Summary

The Pop-up background is 'Ossian Receiving the Ghosts of Fallen French Heroes', Anne-Louis Girodet, 1805
The Blog shows a Celtic Cross
The Pop-up asks "The Swan"

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Step 1 / Conclusion

Drejl posted on unF;
"The Swan is a reference to a Celtic Goddess. The image of Odissan is a reference to the celts and the blog entry to the saints. So I cross referenced that with The Swan and got the following: GodCelt

...you'll see that the Goddess who often took shape of a Swan is Caer Ibormeith. Caer is the answer. She was also the ruler over: Dreams, prophetic dreams, falling asleep, music magick."

Once solved a further clue was posted Qadhos

the following letter was recovered

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