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[edit] Episode 4 : Puzzle 3

Puzzle: The Truth is...
Reference: Clue3
Current Status: Solved
Source: Blog

[edit] Summary

March 6th 2010.
The Pop-up background is a Navajo blanket design.
The Blog shows a photo of "Dual Beam Upper Antelope Canyon, Navajo Nation, Arizona". The Pop-up asks "Trust" and "Over"

We also received a message from Eleanor Carter on Facebook saying "I Want to Believe"

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Step 1 / Conclusion

Melka on unFiction forums found the following;
The S02E25 episode of X-Files is about navajo and the anasazi, but it's a season finale, and at the beginning of season 3, there's this old wise navajo guy saying;
"my people have come to trust memory over history".

Once solved a further clue was posted at Qadhos
this provided a letter from Beatrix to Harley

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