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[edit] Episode 4 : Puzzle 2

Puzzle: Heart Scarab
Reference: Clue2
Current Status: Solved
Source: Blog

[edit] Summary

March 3rd 2010.
The Pop-up background is the Heart Scarab of Hatnofer. The Blog shows a similar image. The Pop-up asks "Spirit"

"Scarab - Protector Of The Heart

The scarab was a favorite amulet associated with renewal and regeneration. The dung beetle was chosen for this honor because after it laid its egg in animal dung and rolled it into a ball, it then pushed the ball into the sun so that the sun's heat hatched the egg. Thus, the connection of the beetle with the life giving powers of Ra was established.

Since the physical heart is taken from the body during mummification, and the body has need of another to act as the source of life and movement in its new life, A stone heart scarab gave new life to the body on which it lies. Heart scarab amulets were weighed against the feather of truth in the Hall of Maat, and were often inscribed with a spell from the Book of the Dead."

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Step 1 / Conclusion

The Ancient Egyptian's knew the Spirit as 'ka' and using that provided a letter from Beatrix to Harley.

Once solved a further clue was posted at Qadhos

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