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[edit] Episode 4 : Puzzle 1

Puzzle: Book of the Dead
Reference: Clue1
Current Status: Solved
Source: Blog

[edit] Summary

March 1st 2010.
The Pop-up background is a depiction of Anubis carrying out the ritual 'the weighing of the heart', and links with The Book of the Dead. Within the book, there is a passage about rebirth.

The Blog shows the same picture from a different Book of the Dead, with some info on the ritual.

The Pop-up asks us for 'Yesterday' and 'Tomorrow'

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Step 1 / Conclusion

The passage within the Book of the Dead is translated as;

"I own Yesterday, I know Tomorrow.”

Yesterday is Osiris and night; Tomorrow is Ra and day, the day when the enemies of Osiris were annihilated and his son Horus became king. This became the date of the “Though-Dead-Yet-I-Live” festival, which commemorates the burial of Osiris by his father Ra.

Once solved further clue posted at Qadhos

Using 'Osiris' as Yesterday and 'Ra' as Tomorrow provides the following letter from Beatrix to Harley.

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