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[edit] Episode 2 : Puzzle 3

Puzzle: The begining
Reference: Puzzle no. 3
Current Status: Solved
Source: Website: http://www.polycystin.com

[edit] Summary

The polycystin website featured a strange wheel filled with Futhark runic character. Around this wheel were four circles, and three of these lit up at rollover proving valid links. For a short description on the wheel behaviour and and image reference: click here.

Clicking the first circle changed the left frame of the website to the following message and puzzle:

Mike, I left you a link : 5lgub3.

Remets ce lien à Eleanora.


Under the above message, a form was present with a text-field and an "unlock" button. The field was pre-filled with the following:

Heinrich Xxxxxxx, Xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx-Xxxxxx, xxxxxxx : xx xxxx? xxxxxx xxxx? xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx.

[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Notes

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[edit] Step 1

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[edit] Step 2

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[edit] Conclusion

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To be filled.
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