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[edit] Episode 2 : Puzzle 2

Puzzle: A coded message
Reference: Puzzle no. 2
Current Status: Solved
Source: Blog: http://www.yellowcurtain.com

[edit] Summary

This message was found at the blog http://www.yellowcurtain.com.


This website is contaminated. I took a great chance to contact you here. I can't say anymore. I hope you get my message...


[edit] SOLUTIONS (spoiler)

[edit] Notes

The listing on craigslist (Puzzle 1) makes mention to the uthark theory, as well as a 7 digit key, and blowfish. The Uthark theory is that, when the Runic alphabet is shifted one letter over, so that the original first letter is last, the rest will be translatable. The original alphabet starts as Futhark.

[edit] Step 1

The first step is finding a Blowfish decoder, and putting in the block of text. Many would assume that the Blowfish decoder is something to download. However, the PM left a note letting us know that if Eleanor Plante was in a rush, she would search up something on the internet, which leads to [1] as the first result when googling something such as blowfish decode online, or some such.

[edit] Step 2

Now to find the 7 letter code. Considering they left us with only the uthark theory, and the original alphabet starter is Futhark, it's safe bet that's the key.

[edit] Conclusion

The message, when decoded with the case sensitive key "Futhark", leads to the official site of the rest of the game.

Eleanora Plante Video feed 001
Enter in server stream field on http:www.polycystin.com.

Going on www.polycystin.com and entering the number 001 started a video feed from Eleanora Plante. Here is a rough transcript of that video feed:

Video Feed of Eleanora Plante
Video Feed of Eleanora Plante

Hi friend,

First, I want to thank you so much. I think with you help I managed to the find a trail, and maybe I can find a place where (like) people have seen Adam for the last time. So, I'm on my way, I'm doing my (interruption) Sorry, I'm a bit in a rush actually. I'm doing my luggage right now. I wrote you a letter.

Just, I will look at this. For me it's obvious that website contains some (like) very important information. I'll be away for two weeks. Meanwhile, I don't know. I know that you helped Adam already a lot so far, but if you can try to decipher the crypt what's on (like) that website to understand, it would be great. So I mean: it's a way you can help me.

I was thinking about something. It just popped me in like this. Artifact. I think it's a major clue. Work on this -artifact-. And who else.. What's the name of that lady.. What was it... Adam was working with... She's an Art Historian.. At University. Her name is Beatrix, Beatrix Gray!

I don't know if it could be relevant or not, but there we go. So, I have to go. Thank you so much again.

We'll keep in touch.
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